The opening legislative session in Hawaii - Lailan Bento Hawaii Real estate agent

Hawaii represents so much more than just a law-making season

The opening legislative session in Hawaii represents so much more than just a law-making season for Hawaii, it acts as a reminder to the history Hawaii has lived through. From Kingdom to territorial-hood to statehood, the beginning of the legislative system in Hawaii forces everyone to see the phases of governance we have all lived through and every January realizes a new conversation of our laws. 

Hawaii real estate is a creature of the legal system because all real property comes from our state’s laws and because Hawaii has such a long history in real property, the legislative process determines so much for all of us in Hawaii real estate. Things like vacation rentals or cesspool conversions come directly from legislative measures and it’s why Hawaii Development Group always tries to stay informed, well-advised and forward progressing when it comes to Hawaii law-making. As real estate agents, we always try to ensure we’re updated on any changes that may occur within our state’s laws so we can always be the best advocates for our clients and to perfect our own craft. 

The Legislative session’s opening after a new election creates a new landscape for change that we all want and exclusive of politics, it means that we have the opportunity to affect change in our own communities we call home and love. As real estate agents, we always advise towards finding one’s own happiness within the community they love and we personally know that happiness comes from loving where we live. As a brokerage founded around being born and raised in our communities here on the Big Island of Hawaii, we enjoy progressing our neighborhoods to a level where we know our families will love how much we love our home.

As so many know, Hawaii, inclusive of Hawaii real estate, is a different environment when compared to so many places but we honor the history that established that because Hawaii remains one of the most exotic places on earth. Hawaii Development Group prides itself on consistently monitoring what happens in Hawaii so we can always stay updated with all things Hawaii real estate but more importantly, so we can properly advise on what happens in our own island home. The Legislative session’s opening is something we take extreme pride in participating in not just because we have agents who formerly worked within the Hawaii political realm but because it helps our clients to know proposed legislation that may affect their Hawaii real estate interests.

Happy opening of the Hawaii legislative session to all of our beloved politicians here in the Hawaiian islands. We as a company, a brokerage, a set of experts in Hawaii real estate, are all extremely excited to see what each of you do for all of us in our individual communities. As a native Hawaiian owned brokerage, as a Hawaii real estate brokerage built from agents who call Hawaii their place and as a real estate company, we are extremely proud of every member of the Hawaii Legislature who work daily to create a better Hawaii for us. 

We, as a company here at Hawaii Development Group, are excited to advise our current and future clients based on what we monitor throughout the legislative session!