How it Affects Hawaii Real Estate

As many may know, the Big Island of Hawaii’s lava activity on the Mauna Loa volcano has been in the media heavily due to its recent unexpected flow for the first time in three decades. The Big Island of Hawaii also has an active volcano in the Kilauea volcano located within the Volcanoes National Park, which is available for touring when the environment is safe for visitors and it happens to be one of the largest tourist attractions in Hawaii. 

Hawaii real estate has so many unique components to it because Hawaii itself has so many unique components given Hawaii’s history, the environment in which the islands exist, and because the Big ISland of Hawaii holds one of the largest land-masses with volcanic activity in the world. Often, our Hawaii Development Group agents will receive inquiries from clients asking about how the lava flow or the land zoning restricts potential property throughout the Big Island of Hawaii real estate when performing property searches. Inquiries usually are surrounding what a property owner can and cannot do on the property or whether financing and insuring the property would be dependent on the zoning of the property, given the lava activity of the Big Island. 

The Lava zones conversation for many of our Hawaii real estate community resurfaced through the early December 2022 lava eruption in the Mauna Loa volcano and many people did not realize how the lava flow(s) affect our Hawaii real estate. On the Big Island of Hawaii, every district is vastly different given the biome the district sits in as the Big Island hosts an array of climates. 

Understanding the property you are interested in based on the district itself should always entail a conversation regarding Lava zones because some areas are more susceptible to the lava flow hazards they may impose on residents. These hazards play into sometimes lenders not necessarily being comfortable to lend in those areas if they are a high hazard lava zone area and it also could restrict certain home insurance implications and companies that are willing to ensure the property in that region. It is vital to understand that when looking at Hawaii real estate here on the Big Island of Hawaii, you enlist a real estate expert that can advise you and your family on the districts you are interested in beyond just the normal real estate conversation such as convenience stores, medical services and school districts. 

The Lava flows here on the Big Island hold a huge cultural importance to native Hawaiians and Hawaii Development Group as a native Hawaiian owned brokerage does pay homage to our ancestors and our heritage by ensuring we advise every client on the importance of lava. Lava does create new landscapes and can affect the districts of the Big Island of Hawaii to which they are in but it also creates a new purpose to the places it touches. The beauty of the Big Island of Hawaii is that it continues to grow and growth is one of life’s greatest values because it creates new opportunities for so much. 

We encourage every person interested in Hawaii real estate here on the Big Island of Hawaii to connect with a Hawaii Development group real estate agent so we can advise you on your real estate interests. We would love to show you our Hawaii and help you find your dream home and enjoy a lifestyle that is so serene and accommodating that it reflects the spirit of aloha we all manifest in our daily lives.