Heres to 2023!

Happy new year from me and my team to you and yours! It’s always an essential part of planning for the new year for many to begin creating new paths and routes to achieve the goals we set, but aside from just a vision board, one of the many items I see are always home ownership. The following list is always a broad version of something I would suggest to potential clients to achieve those goals. While life happens and many of us see changes we had not anticipated, I would like to point any potential home buyer in the right direction to where I see the best success happen. 

  1. Get Pre-approved

Knowing your home purchase levels can help you tremendously to build your property search to a tailored list. Getting pre-approved from where you finance with can expand your horizons as a buyer and will truly save you time and money. 

  1. Know what your needs are

Understanding the district or region you want to buy into and spend your life in can be bountiful in the sense of knowing what you need. From banks to schools to specific stores, knowing your area prior to looking will help you and your family comprehend what your lifestyle may look like. 

  1. Express your goals

Having an experienced real estate agent is amazing but knowing what your goals are prior to doing property searches will help the agent and yourself save time. If you want a forever home or you want an investment property are two separate goals so communicating your expectations to your real estate agent does not just save time, it curates a proper property search. 

  1. What are your hard no’s

When you look at property you already know what the vision in your head is that you envisioned what it to look like or what you anticipated the property to be. Every now and then clients run into things they feel they can settle for and later end up finding a nuisance out of something they thought was manageable so our suggestion is to always really weigh the pro’s and con’s of certain aspects of properties to ensure stabilization and a level of content with the decision made. 

  1. Love where you live

The last suggestions for home buyers interested in property search, regardless of their intended use for the property is to get to know where you are. The nuances, the weather, the celebrations, the windy roads and lastly – the life associated with how wherever the home is, to love where you live. Part of home ownership is to build a lifestyle and at HDG we make it a massive goal to always proceed ahead for clients to create and foster that lifestyle. 

It’s a new year, it’s a new cycle of behavior patterns and a new slate for many and we want to help you get into your purchasing and/or selling goals. Goals are incredible because our everyday habits create a path towards the goal and we want to be part of that for all of you. Happy new year, have an incredible first week at the first week of the year and please do not hesitate to contact one of our agents or myself should you have any Hawaii real estate needs. We are always here for you.