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10 Reasons Hawaii Real Estate is always a great choice

Current residents and new Hawaii residents often understand that Hawaii is one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes as a travel destination. Hawaii boasts a lifestyle for relaxation, gratitude and excitement through every aspect of the biomes shared throughout the islands, particularly here on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Clients, both current residents and new Hawaii residents come to the Hawaii Real Estate market with questions normal for the real estate industry but also further inquiry into unique portions of  Hawaii’s Real Estate market. 

Here at HDG, our agents use both our professional wisdom and personal experience for our love for both Hawaii and its unique real estate market to advise clients near and far of the following top 10 reasons one should always focus on when investing in your lifestyle here in Hawaii. 

Reason 1 – Hawaii is one of the most stable real estate markets in the world

Whether a client is a current resident relocating to a new property or an incoming potential new Hawaii resident, Hawaii real estate provides so many incredible opportunities available to permanent property residents and/or rental properties. Home ownership is an incredible decision for any client to make and no matter the potential uses of the property, the passive income or the potential equity a property could provide makes our Hawaii real estate market always a smart decision for potential buyers and sellers!

Reason 2 – Hawaii has such a unique history that matches the lifestyles here

Everyone who has ever experienced Hawaii, whether for real estate purposes or purely for enjoyment, understands how things move differently here than other places in the world. When we do Hawaii real estate property searches for clients here on the Big Island of Hawaii, whether it be in Waikoloa Village, Kailua Kona, Waimea, Kohala or so many other beautiful places on our island, clients are always so excited to see the diversity in our landscapes and our architecture. Hawaii real estate matches the quality of our lifestyle of aloha, a sense of community and a growing sense of relaxation we pride ourselves with. 

Reason 3 – Hawaii has some of the best food!

HDG always gets asked by new Hawaii residents as to why our team, our communities and our families are always so happy and it truly starts with the way to our hearts is through our unique cuisine! Hawaii has an amazing history beginning from pre-contact era native Hawaiian origins to a plantation history where our communities came together to dine and through that together dining experience, each culture exchanged portions of their meals, creating our Local food! Food and Hawaii real estate go hand in hand because every property search for our team highlights the best food spots, both historic and modern throughout the region for our clients even if they are Local to the area. Discovering our love for our families, our love of our cultures and our love of aloha always includes amazing Hawaii food. 

Reason 4 – Hawaii Real Estate Developments Hit Different

Everyone knows quality and great thinking creates an amazing development for residents, but in Hawaii community is a major priority to us because it sets the tone of our lives and our families. Hawaii Real Estate Development groups have a unique sense of community through the laws mandating community and environmental involvement, inclusiveness of the surrounding community for existing residents and newcomers and it’s always shown through the way planners map out how one will live their lives in Hawaii real estate. Architecture may be different for Hawaii real estate developments to celebrate Hawaii’s rich history and our unique weather. Homes are mapped out a little differently here in Hawaii to be a gathering place for everyone and Hawaii real estate developers know how to always curate communities, structures and fixtures with our families in mind. 

Reason 5 – Hawaii also participates in home-buying/home-selling programs

To buy or sell in Hawaii, as the 50th state to the United States, our clients are still able to utilize national and state property programs in Hawaii real estate. Whether a client has a HUD question, a VA loan property search inquiry or general visibility on any property when we do property searches, Hawaii often honors these items for our clients. Most times, our clients get to celebrate the best of both worlds when they get a beautiful and relaxed lifestyle here on the Big Island of Hawaii in addition to being able to utilize personalized programs created nationally for them. 

Reason 5 – Hawaii Property Searches are so fun!

Hawaii, particularly the Big Island of Hawaii has such exciting new developments to address our evolving population but it also creates such an exciting property search adventure for both our agents and our clients! Whether a client is accustomed to a new career relocation to, perhaps the Mauna Lani area, or the luxury developments of the Kona-Kohala “Gold Coast” or even master planned communities within Kamuela, Waimea or anywhere our agents specialize (the entire Big Island of Hawaii) – we always get the same reactions from our clients and our colleagues, that looking at property is only part of the excitement, the landscapes and towns themselves are the real treat! From bustling business areas of the island to sleepy plantation towns, we always enjoy searching throughout Hawaii real estate. 

Reason 6 – Every community in Hawaii real estate has something to offer

Whether a client is looking in the thriving Kona Coffee communities of Holualoa town, looking at luxury properties in Mauna Lani or at single-family homes throughout one of our amazing towns here on the Big Island of Hawaii, everyone can find their niche. Historic towns offer historic values on not just property, whether for permanent tenancy or for vacation renting, but offer a history that makes one appreciate the value in their home and community. More modern communities bring with it much more updated fixtures that appeal to others that may love the amazing events of each community center, whether it’s the Kona Inn shopping center hosting an event or a night market at the King Shops in Waikoloa, something is always happening for everyone!

Reason 7 – Hawaii’s real estate industry exemplifies the spirit of aloha

While buying or doing a property search in Hawaii real estate may differ greatly from other areas of the country and world, Hawaii’s real estate industry definitely shows a beautiful sense of aloha. From the lenders that we work closely with, to other amazing real estate agents, to so many incredible companies we may encounter throughout the home buying process or home selling process, we always find a way to work together throughout our industry. Working with a Local real estate agent in Hawaii helps every client personally because we not only know the area because it’s the backdrop to our lives, it assists to gain quicker financing as some lenders may work differently with our Hawaii banks, or to gain a title search expediently due to the property’s lengthy history of ownerships and so many additional ways! One should always go with a Local real estate agent because here on the Big Island of Hawaii, we all know one another!

Reason 8 – Hawaii isn’t only safe, property investments are safe

Economists have always admired Hawaii’s promoted sense of safety and security, and not just in the statistics of our communities, but of property investment. Hawaii differs greatly from other places, not just in history and culture, but because of our history with landownership in the islands. Here on the Big Island of Hawaii, zoning restrictions and laws have allowed for certain segments of land to be reserved for certain non-residential purposes, making the population of potential home properties different than other areas, protecting the investment one may make. 

Reason 9 – Hawaii is beautiful!

Hawaii real estate boasts not only a calmer lifestyle than so many other places in the world, but it also avails every resident, whether currently residing or newly relocating to the Big Island of Hawaii, we all know it’s a beautiful place! We always say the spirit of aloha emanates from our people directly and not just our rainforests, our beaches, our growing islands on the volcano-side, or the water that creates divides in our mountains – it truly comes from our people. Neighbors here will always render assistance to all who need it because we are one of the most isolated places ever and taking care of one another is our biggest priority, particularly when considering Hawaii real estate. 

Reason 10 – Hawaii Development Group can show you “our” Hawaii

Hawaii is truly hidden in plain sight and anyone who has lived here or lives here knows it. At Hawaii Development group, from our property search services, our expertise in all things Hawaii real estate and Hawaii directly, our developer services department and our overall background in home selling and buying – we always know how to make clients not only feel at home in their home, but feel at home in their Hawaii by showing our Hawaii. Hawaii real estate is such a beautiful industry to work and assist in and in anything we do here at Hawaii Development Group, we always strive to show clients and our colleagues the reason why we do what we do and it’s because we love “our” Hawaii and want others to experience that view of what we do. 

In conclusion, our team at Hawaii Development Group knows how to advise on the spirit of aloha, how to advise clients within Hawaii real estate and know how to make each client feel right at home. We specialize in so many amazing things happening here on the Big Island of Hawaii and we always want clients to know they are greatly appreciated through working with one of our amazing agents. We encourage you to reach out today to one of our Hawaii Development group ‘ohana and let us show you more than just ten reasons as to why Hawaii real estate is a great idea. 

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