Timing is one of the most important factors for clients when looking to buy or sell in Hawaii real estate because differing times of the year can predict the best deal and population of interested parties. As many know, the Hawaiian islands are a tropical destination with such a rich variety of attractive points for many incoming potential buyers from outside of the islands and within the islands. Many times outside statistics over the market potential for the fiscal year can have an amazing level of accuracy, particularly when our HDG team advises buyers or sellers on factors like timing. Hawaii property searches showcase the inventory of property for sale within Hawaii real estate and based on the time of the year, the inventory may fluctuate contingent on the movement of our Hawaii island residents. 

When a client decides to buy or sell a property anywhere within Hawaii real estate during the winter months, oftentimes they do ask about whether or not Hawaii real estate is in good standing for the market during the holiday season and we always advise that the holidays are an amazing season to buy or sell a property! There are so many great advantages as to why buying or selling Hawaii real estate during the winter months and we list them out in the following key takeaways:

Top 5 Reasons:

  1. Hawaii real estate is always in high demand given our unique land laws and Hawaii development structures. During the winter months, we typically see less bidding wars because inventory is typically lower and while many do spend the winter months preparing financially for a new year and to celebrate the holidays – sellers who have interested buyers doing Hawaii property searches are typically able to demand a higher selling price due to low inventory based on previous years. 
  2. Buying culture within Hawaii real estate typically showcases a level of seriousness in most of the transactions our HDG team works with because it is the end of the fourth financial quarter of the year. Our seller clients see shorter timelines within the buying process from interested buyers. 
  3. The Holiday season, particularly the winter months create a sense of human emotion as so many of our cultures celebrate a variety of holidays and staging homes typically can kick off the holiday stress of shopping for others or preparing for gatherings by invoking a sense of connection to potential buyers based on the holiday season. 
  4. Hawaiian winters are some of the busiest for our travel industry so we see a variety of buying clients interested in Hawaii real estate whether it be a permanent residency, an investment property or a large-scale development.
  5. The Holiday season and the end of the year typically are when people consider job transfers and tax-breaks as they begin to map out how the previous year has been, reaffirming the seriousness in the buying population. 

Deciding to buy or sell your property is always a large-scale decision, particularly in Hawaii real estate and our team is always more than willing to advise and service any property transaction even during the holidays. We love to see families reconnect, celebrate their time together and continue their traditions and almost all of that happens within their home. The holidays are nothing short of a magical time and at HDG we know buyers and sellers can make it happen for their dreams to come true in all things Hawaii real estate. 

Happy holidays from the Hawaii Development Group and we hope all of you have an incredible time enjoying your loved ones!